The First Non-Doodle

The Doodle Blog. A name that sounds like a notebook. It is whatever comes to mind in the adult world. As children, when we are bored with tiresome tasks, there are other ways to keep us from turning the page. One, an interesting voice, and two, an interesting drawing. Drawings and voices make the world more creative. But what do I mean by voice? Well, if a teacher drones on and on about a topic that interests you little, as a student you need to overcome the obstacle of paying attention. But how do we overcome that obstacle? We don’t. We doodle, look up from our notepad, and miss writing down a specific note with a subtle, “Darned it!”

This appears to happen a lot, at least to me it does. In fact some people believe the education system needs a reform. The Youtube video, RSA Animate-Changing Education Paradigm, reveals that imagination and creativity are more important when educating youth.

I will discuss more about RSA Animate later. My main reason for creating this first post is to inform you about my cause. So what is The Doodle Blog? Well, The Doodle Blog is an opinion page based upon news and events online, the world, and well, basically home. It’s a discussion on a doodle that I will create, and conduct research from credible sources. I am also going to request doodles from my viewers, who deserve to know answers to their questions.

As my first post is an introduction, I should probably send you a picture of myself. You can call me Jen. Not Jenny, or Jenna, or Jennifer. Just Jen with one N.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and I hope to gain many potential viewer real soon!